Monday, 13 June 2011

my best net friend ever :D

hello guys..we meet again after my last post that was on the last long time I didn't practice my,how are you friends?I hope that you are in the pink of health..okay,as you read the title,it is "my best net friend"..actually,I have a lot of friends mostly in net world or maybe some of you will call it as cyber world..the world where we can meet everyone just in a second,but not in reality..we can get acquainted,making friends..I have my own facebook,tagged and friendster..but not twitter..I found that twitter is boring for,talking about my best net friends,actually I have a lot of best net friends..okay,let's make it easy..

the first best net friend is ain nasyirah but I'm used to call her as nasyiraghost as she likes ghost(I guess) ..haha..she's seventeen and is a good girl..she's nice but sometimes she likes to play with her different emotions..but,yeah,she's a good fiend..actually,I've known her from a magazine..I found her number in that magazine,then I started to text her..actually,at first,we were not so close but,thanks to that "kim bum" for making us closer and closer..but sometimes we were arguing but it's okay coz it's so funny..okay,just to me,not to her..ahha..but,she didn't know me way i am..cause we haven't got a chance to meet yet..she likes making typography and zombies!haha..she is always making jokes and we were laughing,even we couldn't see each

next,he is a boy..his name is amirul adlan..okay,we're not so close but close for I'm used to disturb him on formspring(becoming an anon..haha)..he is seventeen too and in the same school and class with ain nasyirah..but I like to call him as adlan mandeleev cause he is a smart boy for me..he knows something that I don't know and he's a good boy(I guess lol)..he is Chinese look-alike but,I can't describe too much about him cause I don't know him so much like I know ain..I think he has a bright future based on his features..maybe he will be succeed..but wish them two will be successful in their field..

after that,the kiras group..I gave its name as the name of the members ended with "KIRA"..for example,akira himesama,diyana akira,lyna akira,and so on..they are such smart students..some of them are continuing their study in universities and some of them take STPM examination and some others going to polytechnic..the members of the group are also cute,good looking at and good in the field of of them takes science computer and another one takes computer engineering..I do take the same cause as the another one named akieryo,they are easy in sharing anything like knowledge,information and so on..and so way her lost contact friend named bariah berrypopz(forgot its spelling)

oh,also,e-qa spica or bunga bakawali and maheen ali..these two girls are also my smart best net friends..they are such good friend to me..both of them treated me like their best friend..we're used to share any information either about scientific,non-scientific,religious,story or whatever..but they are so nice and,I will be going to their state soon,,let's get prepared for everything..let's pack all of clothes,shoes and books..ahha..I'm so energetic and happy to go there..hopefully that I will find more good friends overthere like nabil hakim rozi and they,themselves..

another good net friends are like fitri ahmad,nabil hakim rozi(just got to know him from PSP,thanks PSP!:D),sis teyra,aljon geranco bustilo,tuah amiril(he's a nephew of my brother-in-law),hazeick fukutaichou,raf zelfi,arif falahi and so on..sorry if your name are not listed,but I couldn't remember all of you..I mean,I keep saying to myself,"who else?",while writing,all of my facebook's friends are my best net friends :)

p/s :: best net friends are not the same with best friends..

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