Thursday, 29 December 2011

new story~

it's been a month and 14 days that I've been separated with my friends.. I mean, friends in Penang. I miss them so much but I think some of them don't know or maybe never care. I am not somebody to somebody else, so what, am I right? ahha, start to be feeling. lol, it's not the time to be sad. now, I'm not longer over there. I am in somewhere else, in a new place with new friends. but that's not mean that I have or suppose to forget them at all. but, to go away from melancholic, yes, but not overall. mean, if I keep thinking on something without an ending, I am just wasting my time. but if you do ask me, I don't care. as long as I am happy, I will do it. LOL. is that funny, fine! yes, it's been a long time. some ask me to go back there but I have asked my mum about that but she  says,"it's just a month that you leave them and now you start to miss them badly?NO!you are not permitted to go there.just wait TWO YEARS more, then I will let you to go there.". poor me. okay, forget that, I don't want to argue her. just keep praying to God, wish me long life. one day I will tell you my story during in Penang. I like it and love those moments very much! let's go back to present.

what should I talk about? let's see.. what about current stories? mean to say about my current study-place. the place, actually, located at a mountain. the mountain was well-known as "dog hill" back then, but now got new name. it is a university if you are eager to know more. it has a large surrounding. I like it but I have to hike to go to classes. my dorm is located up in the hill. maybe like in the second floor of the hill. I stay on the 7th floor and it is kinda creepy to stay there. that is because I have heard a lot of goosebumps like, there was a student attempted suicide on the 8th floor. very creepy. plus, I have seen some err, ghost I guess. they were walking around my room. some tried to approach me but somehow they disappeared like smogs, fogs in the sky. is that helping? okay, let's go back. okay.okay. forget about goosebumps! I am at home now. so, no ghost around, I guess. lol. better to talk about my new friends. they are nice and sporting. also, they are kind of funny persons. they are always making jokes and something hilarious in any classes. but I will not forget my friends in Penang. all my friends will always stay in my heart. sounds nice? that's from my heart for sure!lol, okay, nothing to lol-ing at. I am studying in a course (or mean to say as program among students, lecturers and workers) and I am taking around 7 subjects ( or so-called as course ). I like all subjects or courses. HBU 111? yes, I do like parade, marching or whatever you would name it. but it makes me sooooo dizzy after the training has done. but I like it. maybe I am interested to be a general or commander or maybe to be the chief like chief. lol. my commanders are sporting and nice and funny. okay. I have to go now. see you later!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


hello again guys!!! thanks God!!! I have recalled the email and password used for this blog.. my latest blog I guess.. ahha, so, let's go any topic? my exam's result? NO NEED TO TOUCH, indeed!lol, okay.. so, as I was just trying to open this blog, so, so blur now and I don't know what to write.. so, see you again later.. thanks.. so, I'll be updating more maybe tonight or soon.. if God wills me, I will be here to update more.. thank you(hope I got readers) lol..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


hi guys..ouch!my back!it hurts!no..I mean,I'm not relaxing myself,my looks like today is going to be rainy day..the sky looks darker than before..and the trees look like they are indulged by the wind softly and,that is not my point..actually,I just want to say that I am so boring..I hope that someone special will come to my life..ahha..okay,not the point yet..I am thinking about my future study..I will be going to continue my study in computer engineering but I am not so good in additional mathematics,what shall I do?any suggestion?please,mind,do think!give a better suggestion?shall I buy the "first engineering" book now?some of my friends bought it whereas I ain' parent said that I shall go to the polytechnic first,and buy it as I am informed to buy whatever books..but I am so worry about the subjects..very,better to start studying now before the time is running up,right?so,I'm going to start preparing myself for the course by,wish me luck!wish all of you luck too :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

my best net friend ever :D

hello guys..we meet again after my last post that was on the last long time I didn't practice my,how are you friends?I hope that you are in the pink of health..okay,as you read the title,it is "my best net friend"..actually,I have a lot of friends mostly in net world or maybe some of you will call it as cyber world..the world where we can meet everyone just in a second,but not in reality..we can get acquainted,making friends..I have my own facebook,tagged and friendster..but not twitter..I found that twitter is boring for,talking about my best net friends,actually I have a lot of best net friends..okay,let's make it easy..

the first best net friend is ain nasyirah but I'm used to call her as nasyiraghost as she likes ghost(I guess) ..haha..she's seventeen and is a good girl..she's nice but sometimes she likes to play with her different emotions..but,yeah,she's a good fiend..actually,I've known her from a magazine..I found her number in that magazine,then I started to text her..actually,at first,we were not so close but,thanks to that "kim bum" for making us closer and closer..but sometimes we were arguing but it's okay coz it's so funny..okay,just to me,not to her..ahha..but,she didn't know me way i am..cause we haven't got a chance to meet yet..she likes making typography and zombies!haha..she is always making jokes and we were laughing,even we couldn't see each

next,he is a boy..his name is amirul adlan..okay,we're not so close but close for I'm used to disturb him on formspring(becoming an anon..haha)..he is seventeen too and in the same school and class with ain nasyirah..but I like to call him as adlan mandeleev cause he is a smart boy for me..he knows something that I don't know and he's a good boy(I guess lol)..he is Chinese look-alike but,I can't describe too much about him cause I don't know him so much like I know ain..I think he has a bright future based on his features..maybe he will be succeed..but wish them two will be successful in their field..

after that,the kiras group..I gave its name as the name of the members ended with "KIRA"..for example,akira himesama,diyana akira,lyna akira,and so on..they are such smart students..some of them are continuing their study in universities and some of them take STPM examination and some others going to polytechnic..the members of the group are also cute,good looking at and good in the field of of them takes science computer and another one takes computer engineering..I do take the same cause as the another one named akieryo,they are easy in sharing anything like knowledge,information and so on..and so way her lost contact friend named bariah berrypopz(forgot its spelling)

oh,also,e-qa spica or bunga bakawali and maheen ali..these two girls are also my smart best net friends..they are such good friend to me..both of them treated me like their best friend..we're used to share any information either about scientific,non-scientific,religious,story or whatever..but they are so nice and,I will be going to their state soon,,let's get prepared for everything..let's pack all of clothes,shoes and books..ahha..I'm so energetic and happy to go there..hopefully that I will find more good friends overthere like nabil hakim rozi and they,themselves..

another good net friends are like fitri ahmad,nabil hakim rozi(just got to know him from PSP,thanks PSP!:D),sis teyra,aljon geranco bustilo,tuah amiril(he's a nephew of my brother-in-law),hazeick fukutaichou,raf zelfi,arif falahi and so on..sorry if your name are not listed,but I couldn't remember all of you..I mean,I keep saying to myself,"who else?",while writing,all of my facebook's friends are my best net friends :)

p/s :: best net friends are not the same with best friends..

latest update ~

ahha...hello you miss me?LOL,very funny question to ask coz there will be no one to answer my question..fool me and poor for bits..haha..actually,I am no longer going to school..cause I will be going to continue my study in polytechnic soon..oh,hey!peoples always underestimate the students of polytechnic..maybe they are still blind of the privileges of polytechnic..for your information,the government is now trying to push up the innovation sector as a way to improve the level of life of the,as the polytechnic produces sooooo many experts in the field of innovation,so,that is one served feature to a student of polytechnic to make them easy to find a better,during the interview days,some of the candidates are the ex-students of polytechnic..cause they have skills,they are experts more than graduated student from universities,mostly if they are just at the level of,that is a credit to the polytechnic's,they don't have to be ashamed when they are asked about where are they studying,polytechnic have its own practical and that will be on the last or the third year(I'm not sure but sure there will be a practical for each students).oh..I am also mentioned that the teachers college will start to take the students of polytechnic to be a teacher by the year,another credits to shows that the government doesn't ever underestimate the students of polytechnic.but,they do appreciate those students as they are the country's innovation builders.but,the students of universities shall not think that they are no more useful to the  not think something like that cause they are,they are useful..without any graduated of bachelor,master and philosophy from universities, the access of the innovation can not be so well too cause the graduated are admitted as intellectual that can brings the country to move forward and more,I can say that everyone in this country shall get involved in any sectors and trying hardly to progress themselves and also,trying hardly to move our country forward and more advanced.cause we are strong if we are united and we are so weak if we are divided ! so,progress for our country ! !

Monday, 23 May 2011

computer engineering???????

hello guys..we meet again after a long moment I do not update this simple blog..look at the topic~~computer engineering,that's what I'm going to write about..actually I felt in love with high school certificate...seriously,I studied hardly and did understand learning it..*is that a conjunction after all?haha..I never thaught to be an engineer..even in computer it's better than not to be an engineer..honestly,i like computer but that's not mean that I do like in computer engineering?what d you think guys?is it a good course to be taken?I'm so confused~~huhu..but the government wants someone with skills now on as a way to improve the innovation,how do I solve this complicated problem?T_T

Thursday, 5 May 2011

my future study ^^

                                very good night to you guys(oh,sounds like I am in the public speaking now..LOL)..oh,finally,I'd found the best statistic for my blog..Goodness Lord~~T_T . thank God for your helping!so,I think..I have wasted my time looking for that p****t thing!haha!I am supposed to check for the one that blog has served for its users.haha!okay,tonight,I'm not going to talk nonsense but just to leave a story of my days,I mean,today.finally,my teacher has replied the mail that I sent to her on the day before..actually,I did ask her about my future study..I mean,about whether shall I continue my study in Higher Education Certificate or not?I mean,just waiting for other offers while just ignoring the one from MoE?okay,she said that is unwise to ignore the one from MoE cause it is our rescuer!it rescues our future and our sake from being demolished by downhearted feeling~~yea,I will admit it is our rescuer and it safes our life from being demolished,okay,I have told you that..okay,guess what?I love writing about something that I am thinking about just lie my feeling,my experience and so on..oh,also,my guessing on my future..LOL..isn't that sounds hilarious?probably yes for some of you but not for the rest of you..okay,I understood..everyone have their own feelings and so way me..I do have feelings that play in my mind and heart,body and so on..I mean,just like it travels in my body system and yeah!builds a "village" and become "neighborhood"..haha!okay,again..I talk about something insane?maybe..but I guess not..everyone have their own ways of thinking but just different compared to each,owh,nevermind about this..I am used to be called as weird,what I am used is who I am..hey!what is my point?actually,about my future study right?oh yeah..I think I just want to follow what teacher has said to me..better register for Higher Education Certificate first,while waiting for other offers cause I am,myslef not sure if I'll receive such offers or,better take the rolling stone than just look it is rolling by non-stop..okay guys..that is all..wah!it really sounds like I'm in public speaking now..haha..whatever..gotta go now..see ya later!!!please do read my blog at all times ! *big smile*

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

my bad dream~

            hi guys,is there any of you have read my old blog?the one that looks like gothic blog?LOL..actually,I am surveying a lot of sites to look for the most suitable background or template for my blog..does anyone know what template or background is suitable for me?I mean,no!for my blog ~~LOL..
okay..actually,that is not what I'm going to share with you is about my dream..wuuuuu~..what a creepy dream I got last night!but it is not about bogeyman!I do hate bogeyman but just I do not scare with more,guts less?HAHA!okay,whatever then..haha..
actually,it was about,I went to my room..then I walked to my I reached it,I tried to take abook on my bed,but suddenly,one voice scolded me and it just gave me a fright!pervet!lol..then,I tried to get out of the room..but I met my siblings..they told me that the corpse ,or maybe I'll rather to use the word "zombie" cause he did look like it!*forgive my bigmouth ^^*, was my old friend that has died and he was my friend in the past time,very long time ago,ages ago~~what a weird dream,isn't it?okay,'s totally ~ !then I looked into his eyes..oh my.....his eyes was soooo creepy~it's yellowish and reddish for little bit..totally looks like a zombie..oh my..zombie was attacking my dream?pervet!dream is just a dream!but,he did say something to me..he apologized for his faults,then he asked me to hug me or getting a hug from hug?no!friendship hug,for sure~!but still,it made me wonder what is the meaning of the dream?will I meet my old friend?or someone i going to leave me alone?or something else?hopefully,start from now,or tonight,I will have just sweet dreams and hopefully it will be continue and gives me happiness when I wake up~!^^ T_T
btw,before I end up this entry,you guys are welcomed to leave a comment..i've changed the setting to let everyone gives a comment for every of my post(even I'm not sure that I will have readers and followers..LOL)..
now.I am starving and going to look for some sneaks in the kitche,hopefully I will find some to fill my hungry's,see you in the next entry guys!oh my,my hand starts to be cold..okay,see you..thank you for reading guys!oh,btw,guess what will I check as I access my blog?it is my blog stats~LOL..funny right?just dreaming that i have fans,followers or readers..haha..thank you~ ^_^

testing ^^

hi is a very hot day!!!!oh please,I need to use aircond to set me free of way my is hot already..but thank God cause I've found an old fan that is used for cooling the laptop..oh,just ignore what it is actually called..haha!
actually,this is my first time in 2011 to use internet explorer to write a new entry for my blog and I do feel so weird to use this web of the reason is it does not have grammar checker,spelling checker and so on..urgh!!!!I think it is better for me to use google chrome or others,except this one!okay,but sometimes internet explorer is better than others..but not so,just a little bit..haha..okay,does it sound arrogant?sorry guys(espeacially those who like to use internet explorer) ^_^..I am innocent to be someone in guilty~ lol

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

best net friend~

night guys!!!I am coming back to share some stories with you..oh,actually just one story with you!haha..based on  the title, I think that you guys can guess what I am going to tell you about..actually,I want to share with you something about my best net friend..not in facebook..neither myspace nor blogspot itself but he is my best net friend in tagged..he is an Indian and he's older than me..quite older compared to me..but he's so nice to me and to anyone who wants to be his friend! his name is...erm,actually i don't know his real name but in tagged,his name is MARK L..but I call him uncle as he is older than polite,right?LOL..okay,that's not funny at all..huhu...oh hey!maybe next time I can call him "plato"?or "aristotle"?cause he is one who fulls with "sayings",adverbs and so on..he gives me a lot of good sayings and one of them sounds like "we need to struggle in everything we do,even if we ill"..actually,that's what I've got from his motivation..he doesn't care what I am,how old I am,or what religion I am..but he motivates me with a very good way..there's no any sensitive issues from his motivation..he works in government sector in,trafficking sector (I guess),I hope to keep receiving his great motivation especially on how to be a better person based on what life has served to us,but keep standing with our true path~ ^_^ that is all..thank leave a comment if something is disturbing your mind(about my entries)LOL~ ^_^

Monday, 2 May 2011

~my weird dream~

last night,I got a bad dream ( I guess).it started at 4:00 AM and finished at the morning.LOL.actually,I have had such bad dream before but this one was creepiest than the one I got on the nights before!!!!!it's about the world was going to its end..I mean,first,I saw the galaxies were moving so vigorously and weirdly..I did not know either the planets or the galaxies were moving but the phenomenon freaked me out!!!cause the world was changed(in the dream,not in reality)..for country itself,everything has been demolished from the phenomenon or maybe some of you would call it disaster if you see it by your own eyes..the second, I've told you,everthing was changed, way my house was demolished by the phenomenon..but,the phenomenon brought us something new..okay,maybe I should tell you from A to Z..
actually,the story was like this..I went out with my friends..we were cycling through a paddy field,then we stopped at a temple..I was thinking what were they doing there..then,I tried to escape but one of my friend pull me and throw a glass of water on my face but the water did not even touch my skin..then I cycled to my home..oh,by the way..some of them said that the it is a very dangerous water..if we drink it even just a little bit,we might get lost from the real path~~ then,in home,I watched a news on tv..the reporter said that there was something just like really big typhoon was happening in a very second..everyone did not feel anything from the phenomenon..but,everything was changed..i did not know what time was that after the phenomenon but it looks like our galaxy was entering the black hole until everything was changed so ones was injured but everything just like our yard,garden and so on demolished!!!and from the phenomenon,we got something new..for example,a machine that is use to produce electric form a very small amount of water and the water can be the water flows in the crystal deer-shaped machine,the electricity will be produced and it can produce a lot of colour of the light by just little amount of water..the machine was buried in front of my my first sight,I thought that was "Dinosaur bones" but I was is a "CRYSTAL DEER-SHAPED MACHINE" that can produce energy..that sounds like the present time has hit the future time and come to the present time,that's why the machine was in my house yard even we were still in 2011 after the phenomenon..then,my sister who is studying in a university called me to ensure that our family is just an okay..hahaha!that's all my dream..if you get the dream,,you will feel what i feel..curious and scare!!by the way,weird dream right?haha!that is all..thank you..may I have more things to share with you in the next time ^_^ oh,please do leave a comment in this post!^_^

what am I thinking now?

oh my!!!!I am so stress brother has just deleted all of the songs that I have downloaded ~
what's happening to him?is he crazy until he need to delete them?oh my!!!!I hope that I can kill someone now as the revenge but he's so lucky coz I am a good is not a good day to me (I guess)..last night,I got three mysterious dreams..the first one,I was placed in meiji time!LOL..I was a warrior in the dream..I wore just like a samurai and fought for the peace of the world!haha..the second dream is,my house is bigger than now on..I mean,my family and I look like a rich people..we had some big room..dining,family,bed,they are all big room!LOL..for the last dream,I think I will tell you in the next post..cause the dream makes me wonder about something..the meaning of the dream..cause it looks creeoy than this real life..the creepiest phenomenon in the was creepiest than tsunami,typhoon and so on~ oh by the way..I am still confuse about my future study..but for now,I want to seek for more widgets for my,gotta explore more in this cyber "world"~HAHA!to my readers(if I have),please do leave a comment about anything or maybe about my post or my blog.if you want me to improve something or change something or maybe you have some ideas to share to make my blog become better,please do leave a comment in my my posts or my formspring!^_^ see ya in the next post okay!^_^

Sunday, 1 May 2011


hi again guys..actually,I just want to say that I am okay..erm..yeah..that's what I mean..I am just an okay..owh,actually,i want to tell you about my next study..I have asked my mum about taking form 6.lorh,my mum said,"you can take form 6 with a condition,the condition is your stream must be science stream"..but,hey!I got art stream!haha!I got "humanity majors"?oh my..I never know anything about sister takes that major but not me..oh my..I don't think to take,no way!I want to be a teacher!if I take form 6,I'll be teaching secondary school students..oh my!!!I'll be bullied and not be respected by  my students~believe that and I think so..yeah..nobody is going to give me a respect..maybe I am smaller than my students?LOL...oh my..dear the most merciful God,help me!!!I do not want to take form 6!!!I want to be a teacher..please let me continue my study at "teachers college",I really want to help our nation builders to grow as a visioned nations!^_^ 
**wish God grant my wish**

study and study and study again~

oh hi guys..actually,I have a problem that is about my study..hey,I am confusing now..
actually,I want to continue my study at "teachers college" but in the same time,I have got an offer from minstry of education to continue my study in form 6..but hey!form 6?STPM?that is the second hardest exam in the world~!matriculation and the examinations of universities are better than STPM (I guess),now,I am confusing either to take it or just waiting for a reply from any universities that I have applied or from "teachers college"..okay,so,what you guys think about it?should I take it or not?but,my mum wants me to be a teacher,so way I am..that is my ambition since I'm a kid..but,I don't know the result either I am chosen for it or not..but,I'll keep praying that I get the chance to be a teacher..teaching those kids,I mean,our hopes!they are our nation,they need to be taught on how to be a better person to ensure a great life for everyone in the next days~okay,I lost my chance to be a scientist,but that is not the end of everything!nor the world,neither my own life!so,hopefully that I can reach my first ambition since I'm a kid..In the same time,I'll keep trying to be a scientist..maybe not now,but soon,I'll find some ways to be a scientist just like avicenna,the only person who admires me to be like him..erm..I talk so much..I think that's all..thank you and thanks again for reading this ^_^

widget..widget and widget~

oh my God,I did not know what widgets else I can put here in my blog..does anyone know?tell me guys got to tell me or I will "kill" you!LOL..okay,I understand,that's not funny at all..haha..anyways,just tel me if you know what do I need for my blog..or you can suggest some templates for me~T_T..okay,honestly,I am not a good blogger but I will keep trying to be the best blogger with the best blog ever! ^_^. now,I am practicing to write well without at the keyboard..oh,nice trying after I have done writing this useless thing~huhu.anyways,thanks again to those who read and have read and always read my guys are welcomed to be my followers and thanks again to be my followers ^_^

Saturday, 30 April 2011

new blog for my new journeys~

this is my new blog..this blog is to replace my old blog..cause my old blog was broken~haha!so,to my "followers" and "fans",please do open this site for more stories,informations or anything from me :)
I hope you guys will enjoy reading this new blog and hopefully it will be an informative and enjoyable blog! ^_^